Realms of Kymoria

Quad-Fold Battle Maps
Pawn Stands
Pre-Made Characters
Safety Cards
New Species
Character Pawns
Unique Backgrounds
Set of Custom Dice

What is Realms of Kymoria?

Realms Of Kymoria Is Formatted And Designed To Help Players Become More Confident And Mindful Game Masters

  • Session zero roadmap with dialogue examples and explanations
  • Experts on Implicit Bias and Racial Trauma were consulted during testing to ensure topics and content are presented safely and inclusively
  • Special tips are provided throughout the module to offer insight, suggestions, and helpful reminders 
  • Clearly defined sections help you recognize game master notes, scene transitions, and more
  • Adventure module helps introduce the setting organically for players through each of the Acts

5 Pre-Made Characters

With combat and role play suggestions. Along with 8 new playable species, 10 brand new and unique backgrounds​

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20 Safety Cards

Created to give players and the game master the ability to provide self-advocacy and accountability at the table.

3 Double-sided Maps

Quad-fold wet erase compatible battle maps with 6 agnostic locations used for specific locations within the adventure.

Session 0
Foundational roadmaps that help inform the game master about particular topics that are boundaries and hardline for players based on consent in gaming forms.

Mental Wellness
Character creation with metnal health flaws provides NPC's and player characters to have real world understandings and humanize factors in game spaces

Inclusivity in Gaming
Gender and identity is important to us and in game, these aspects of who we are as characters is at the front of every pre-made character and NPC you meet.

Designed To Support The Busy Game Master

Those familiar with ttrpg mechanics demonstrated during our alpha and beta testing to be able to have a session starting with less than an hour of prep work.

The Adventure Module has story beats at the beginning of every Act to help recognize the important pieces to keep the story moving forward.

Flix, who is a key figure for our adventurers, shares insight and suggestions with the game master throughout the module. The ‘Flix Tips,’ as they are called, provide a more casual and communicative approach to talk to the game master and offer insight and suggestions relevant to the scene they are in.

Five unique pre-made characters, written with personality and fun at their core, are ready your players or as a game master NPC.

Realms Of Kymoria Is Packed Full Of Features. These Three Are Near And Dear To Our Hearts


Breaks the barrier to entry for TTRPGs and the complexity surrounding how to start a game and how the game master is supposed to move from reading the lore and starting the actual adventure.


Mental health professionals have a tabletop role playing game that will provide their clients a place to process trauma and everyday stressors in a fantastical space that provides a safe and engaging therapeutic session


A deliberate effort to not only include player options that are inclusive and welcoming but make this feature a core aspect of the overall setting and culture.

Not Just A Setting You Can Play In But One You Can Support And Heal In

The Society of Success is a prominent business that is dedicated to helping individuals overcome health conditions or impairments and become an adventurer too.

For therapeutic game masters there are dozens of therapeutic encounter opportunity callouts provided throughout the module . The story is written to easily disguise and integrate these moments into play sessions for clients and peers alike. All of the encounter callouts have clinical note examples from two different professionals in the appendix.

Meet our team

Alicia Figliuolo and Shawn Thomas

Two neurodiverse creators who love fantasy settings and wanted modules and learning materials to be written for those of us who need a little extra guidance.

Alicia Figliuolo


Shawn Thomas



Launching in February on Kickstarter


Frequently Ask Questions

Questions we have recieved about Realms of Kymoria from testers, convention goers, and pre-backers.

The Quick Start Kit for Realms of Kymoria for therapeutic role play was created to teach a brand new player how to be the game master in just a few hours. By reading the story beats and following along with Flix, any newcomer can pick up the adventure and feel confident in starting their TTRPG journey!

Realms of Kymoria can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Testers were as young as 9, however some themes and story beats had to be adjusted for age appropriate comprehension. 

While Realms of Kymoria is written with therapists in mind for therapeutic play, the adventure itself can be used by anyone who wants to play in a world that is inclusive, diverse, and safe for players of all ages. However, there are elements written into the module that are specifically for therapists and goal oriented gaming. 

ABSOLUTELY! Realms of Kymoria can be system agnostic in its storytelling approach. The only thing that makes this 5e compatible is the character sheets and the callout mechanics to keep the story going. But, any seasoned GM could remove the 5e components and use Realms of Kymoria in their favorite system or home brewed games!

Yes. When Realms of Kymoria was created as a therapeutic tool through table top role play, it was important for afterschool programs and other school programs to be able to use the product with students. The materials can be easily broken up into 30,45, and 60 minute segments for school time play!